Friday, April 9, 2010

Prosperent CPA Network Review

ProsperentProsperent Review

Are you an affiliate looking for a new way to monetize traffic? Have you had your Google Adsense account disabled? Scrambling to find an easy Adsense replacement? Well, so was I when I started to search for a Google Adsense alternative. This is when I discovered this new targeted cpa network called, Prosperent.

Actually, Prosperent specifically calls their network ads "tcpa" for "targeted cost per action" which is an excellent definition for what their new cpa network does. Let me run you through how Prosperent works:

1. Visitors find your website through a search engine.

Prosperent Ad Network

2. Prosperent Targeted Performance Ads
- The javascript code you placed on your website generates targeted product results to display.

Prosperent CPA Network

3. Prosperent Earnings
- Earn money when a visitor clicks on your ad and makes a purchase.

Make Money With Prosperent

Yes, it really is THAT easy to make money with Prosperent!

Does Prosperent Pay? ABSOLUTELY! I can personally vouch for this. Prosperent is on net 30 terms which means you get paid once a month and they pay you no matter how much you earn. There's no minimum. Payments are processed through PayPal which I really appreciate.

Prosperent Ad Example:

Prosperent Ad Example

This is one of the ad styles you can create for Prosperent ads to be displayed. If you have added the code to your site and your Prosperent ads are not displaying or showing up, do not be alarmed. Prosperent ads are only displayed when a visitor comes from a search engine OR if they have been on a site with Prosperent ads within the past year (where they would have come from a search engine too).

Why? This is because, reasearch has shown that visitors are 70% more likely to complete a sale when they come from a search engine. Otherwise, it can create useless impressions.

How do I test my Prosperent ads
? Simply, append this string to the end of your URL where you have your Prosperent code:


It should look something like this:

Test ads will now be displayed but click-throughs are disabled for testing purposes and you will only be shown ads from U.S. merchants. You can replace "football" with whatever word you want to see what kind of ads display.

I give Prosperent a 9/10 rating. It's one of the best cpa network's I have come across and there's definitely nothing that comes close to it right now. Sign up for Prosperent today and give it a try!

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